Sunday, 28 August 2011

Palestine in our heart...

Palestine has a special place in the heart of every Muslim.
  • It is according to the Quran, a sacred and blessed land.
  • It contains masjid Al Aqsa, the 1st qiblat or direction of muslim prayer and the 3rd most sacred masjid in Islam.
  • It is also the land of Al Israa-night journey. To its sacred realm, our prophet Muhammad was taken on a miraculous night journey.
  • It is the land of the prophets. Many of prophets mentioned in the Quran were born, raised and buried in its soil. May the peace of Allah be upon them all.
  • From an Islamic perspective it is the land of gathering ang ressurection and the centre of the abode of peace. Anyone who inhabits this land is considered a mujahid....
Palestine in our heart...

abuzorief @ sheffield
28/8/2011 sunday

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  1. beruntungnya kita kerana negara tidak menjadi seperti Palestin. Malangnya kita ialah kita tenggelam dalam kemewahan dan lupa bahawa dunia itu bulat!