Thursday, 16 January 2014

Nota Street Dakwah di Pekan Bukit Mertajam... (1)

14/1/14: Street Dakwah to Indian temple Pekan Bukit Mertajam

SD : Hello sorry I stepped on onto you artworks (temple entrance)...
SAMI : So k... today is Pongal day.. bla-bla

SD : Oooo happy new year...bla-bla... Sorry, actually we come here... bla-bla-bla, and need you to spend a few minute with us, to explain about Prophet Muhammad, as you know today is Prophet Muhammad holiday, bla-bla... As part of it, we want to convey this message that Prophet Muhammad is for all of us mankinds, bla-bla-bla this brochure about Our Prophet and you can read it bla-bla...and this is some gifts from us..
SAMI : ooo thank you, I also have some gifts for you, pls wait...

SD : Ermmm, aaaaaaaaa (facing to each other)
SAMI : Then Mr. Sami bring  out their traditional Indian Ladu and Malay kuih (cucur peneram) mixed with a few unknown Indian Manisan in one tupperware...

SD : We feel guilty to take it or not,... sooo we all take it... bla-bla-bla, thank you very much and may Allah give hidayah and taufiq to him.


abuzorief @ pekan bukit mertajam
14/1/14 maulidur rasul

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